Natty Sue Designs

Natty Sue Designs

I have a wonderful neighbor named Natalie, who has her very own card design business. Last year she did my Christmas cards, and she has also done various invitation cards for me as well. Quite simply, she's awesome. She will do a custom design for you, and do it quickly! She charges for her design and sends you the perfect size that you need, and then you can print it out wherever you want.

I know Christmas is far away, but, I have a lot of cards I send out, and will start thinking about what I want soon. Before you order a plain old boring card online, check out Natty Sue Designs! I promise that you will get a fabulous card and even more fabulous service.

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  1. I just had a birthday invitation done by Natalie. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Such a fast response.....and GREAT work. I'll definitely be ordering from her again......
    I'm so glad that you offered this advertisement Heidi - it just stuck her name in my I could come back to it. Thank you so much!
    I just can't wait to mail these invites out now!