The Pioneer Woman

There is no blog that I have had more fun reading over the past few years than The Pioneer Woman. I know that she is widely read now, but, I feel like I knew her way back when. I used to read when there were 400 comments and not 40,000. It makes me feel blog savvy. I have watched her evolve from just posting recipes here and there, to creating a completely new website - Tasty Kitchen.

My husband is really the chef of the family (I'm the foodie) and gets into the chemistry behind why things are done. I may even have him guest blog on things like making bread (his bread is beyond exceptional) and the various other recipes he has perfected. I didn't know when I got engaged to him 8 years ago this week, that he would develop such a talent. I might have encouraged him just a little bit, but Alton Brown sealed the deal.

In the coming weeks and months I will be showcasing some of the food blogs and websites that we love, as well as reviewing restaurants. If you have your own food blog, or there is one that you can't live without, please email me and let me know. I would love to showcase local talent!

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  1. I'm HARDLY the Pioneer Woman, but you can showcase my recipe blog...that would be fun. Dan used to watch AB all the time - science and food mixed together? A match made in nerd man's heaven!