Cosmic Caramels

I am a lucky lucky girl. Why? Because not only do I personally know Hillari, the creator of Cosmic Caramels, I have had the opportunity to sample every caramel that she has made. Let me give you my review.

Cassiopeia Caramel - A classic. If you like caramel, this will absolutely change the way you feel about it. You will wonder what you have been eating if THIS is caramel.

Cygnus Chocolate - Chocolate AND caramel in a perfectly smooth blend? Be still my heart? And if you aren't a chocolate lover, you will love it anyway, because it is a light chocolate flavor.

Pegasus Peanut - I happen to love peanuts and these pieces are so small that they are a wonderful crunchy surprise in an otherwise smooth package.

Taurus Toffee - My absolute favorite of the Regular Flavors! I'm a toffee freak and these are just lovely.

Aries Apple - heading into Fall, who doesn't love apples and cinnamon? You would be surprised at how well it blends with caramel. Truly, surprised.

Leo Licorice - I honestly don't even like black licorice, but I like this. The flavor isn't overwhelming. And if you are a licorice lover, then watch out!

Orion Orange - The orange is a light flavor and really makes for a wonderful citrusy caramel.

Pisces Peppermint - I know, Peppermint Caramel? It may seem strange, but these are my caramel of choice for stocking stuffers! I would be completely happy with a big bag of them at almost any occasion.

I have purchased Cosmic Caramels for gifts, stocking stuffers, and parties. Try them out the next time you want to bring something unique to a friend! They are especially great for Christmas gifts to neighbors, work colleagues, and to have on hand if you need to bring a hostess gift to a dinner party.

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