Creamery Creek Soap

The first day the Herriman Farmers Market opened, I stumbled upon a booth set up with heavenly smelling soaps. I'm a sucker for natural made soaps because of my son's eczema, so I bought a few. The soap is made with goat milk, which set him off into a tirade about how he didn't want to smell like a goat. It was actually quite funny. He still brings it up.

I bought five bars. They typically go to the big Farmers Market downtown at Pioneer Park, but their farm is in Lindon which is actually closer to me. I am going to have to make a run down there because I absolutely love this soap! I have even just used it as shampoo. It leaves my skin feeling soft without any residue, and it is made out of milk from the goats that they have living right on the farm so they are happy goats.

The different scents are wonderful as well. I tried the black raspberry vanilla, the summer strawberry, the peppermint, and just the plain with no scent. I think they last longer than regular bars of soap as well. After all, three bars of soap have lasted us over a month and I don't know about you, but we tend to be daily soap users around here. While they cost more, I am happy with the fact that I am buying soap that is good for my skin, as well as buying local. The soaps have cute packaging so they would make lovely gifts as well. They are definitely worth trying!

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  1. I will have to look into this soap. Since I have severe excema and can't use really ANY soap for a period of time. (Yes I'm clean ) I can use it on certain parts of my body but others are so sensitive. I've never thought of that kind of soap. And now since both my girls have a little excema and Ashlee has LOTS....she's kind of like me. WE use things sparingly and NOTHING with a scent.