Married to a Mexican

No, I am not married to a Mexican. I dated several in my life, and my husband served an LDS mission in Mexico, but that is a bit different. Needless to say, however, being from Phoenix, Arizona, I grew up in a Mexican-centric culture. My high school had a large Mexican population, and my first job was at a Mexican restaurant.

Have I mentioned that I love Mexican food and could eat it three times a day? Without any hesitation? I could. In fact, I probably have at times. Especially when I visit Arizona. My friends will vouch for me on that.

So when my husband sent me an instant message and said, "This is my favorite new website," I jumped on immediately. She had me at "Easy Tacos de Carne Asada."

The website in question is Married to a Mexican. As I scrolled down the recipe index I almost went into shock. Could it be that ALL of my favorites are featured? WITH VIDEO? It's too good to be true. I have to try every recipe. I may have to pull a "Julie and Julia" and cook my way through MTAM.

Spicy Mexican-style egg-rolls? Check. Tacos al Pastor? Check.

And Holy Mole Poblano!

I would write more, but I'm in the kitchen. Maybe I will do some reviews of her stuff when I stop eating.


  1. You should so do it. Do a Heidi and Married to a Mexican (I know... doesn't have the same ring as Julie and Julia) and we'd all have some great fun as you tried to cook through it all... but I totally want you doing the videos to go with it. :)

  2. Or "Heidi and Dave Wish They Were Mexican." I agree, the videos would be a must.