Rated PG-13 for violence and action

Reviewer's Grade: B

"We saw this movie late at night, and while I really enjoyed it, I found it a bit predictable. Evelyn Salt is a Jason Bourne type of character, and originally Tom Cruise was supposed to be cast and it was supposed to be a male role. He felt it was too similar to Mission: Impossible. In all, good summer movie with great action, but I would probably have waited for the rental. We decided to see it because we were kid-free for the night and we had seen most other movies in our local theater." - Heidi Totten

IMDB Summary: As a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to duty, honor and country. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Salt's efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to uncover the truth behind her identity continues and the question remains: "Who is Salt?" Written by Sony Pictures

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