Sanity Sessions: It'll Make You Popular

I decided to do a "segment" on the many times in my life I have tried and succeeded, or tried and failed, to be popular.


Oh come on. From the time a girl is 5-6 years old she longs to be liked. It's the whole princess mentality, right? We grow up dreaming of being Homecoming Queen or Prom Queen or what have you. It is what it is.

I have spent most of my life on the fringe of popularity. Meaning - I am friends with the "popular girls", but that means I get invited to the general stuff and not the exclusive stuff. For years I thought it was because I was too fat. Then later I thought it was because I wasn't trendy enough. Then I thought it was because I was too academic (ha). Finally I realized it is because the few times in life I maybe HAVE been in the popular crowd, I was not a nice person.

In writing this, my objective is to get my thoughts out so that I can figure out how to help my daughter navigate the ups and downs of life as a girl in this world. As for my son, I'm going to leave that up to my husband. He's one of four boys. He's got the boy thing down.

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