You Know it's a Bad Day When... see a picture of a bunch of women together and you are friends with them, but you weren't invited to the party. And at the moment you see the picture you are already worried about and missing your Bestie and feeling like you may never see her again and may never actually fit in anywhere. Which is like having a devil sitting on your shoulder saying, "You may never actually fit in anywhere." And, as every woman knows, that translates into, "You are too fat for people."

So that was a bad day that I had a few weeks ago. At the age of 38 you would think that things like that wouldn't have an impact. Especially since I have every friend since preschool on facebook. But, on the days that you aren't prepared, which was that day, I didn't have the strength to do anything but...clean.

When I am mad, frustrated and lonely I clean. Except I am not lonely, I just had a moment of feeling lonely. I have a fantastic husband and two kids who are totally in love with me and I with them. That is how I am feeling a couple of weeks later (with an extremely clean house I might add). So let's go back to that one year I was popular.

It was 1982-83. I was in 5th Grade and had started at a new school. A group of girls formed and we were AWESOME. Totally. So awesome that we called ourselves the "Funky Chickens", our colors were pink and green, we all had nicknames and either alligators or polos on the majority of our clothes, and our clothes ALWAYS matched. Mean Girls United should have been our name. Because we were mean. We knew we were popular and we worked it. When I think of how wretched that must have been for every other pre-pubescent girl in 5th Grade I cringe. I want to give them all hugs and tell them that we were idiots and that we would all grow up with issues. But I can't, even if they are on facebook. We all go through this stuff at one time or another.

5th Grade came to an end and then we were 6th Graders and were a little too mature for that kind of stuff. So the group disbanded and that was the one and only time I was popular in my life. Or at least in a group that was perceived as popular, because the Wiki definition of Popular is:
  • Social status, the quality of being well-liked or well-known
  • Popularity, the quality of being well-liked.
  • The mainstream, the quality of being common, well-received, in demand
This is amusing since most "popular girls" that I have known are hardly well-liked. So how exactly do they become "popular"? Stay tuned as I explore my theories.

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  1. I don't think you outgrow those left out feelings. I know EXACTLY what you are referring to. Sorry you had a bad day!!! But Glad you know you have so many people that Love you. Present company NOT excluded! =)