Fire on the Farm

When you come out of church and smell and see smoke, you look around for it.  The problem is when you see it like this from your back deck.  Having spent last weekend watching documentaries on 9/11 on the History channel, something snapped inside me.
 View from our back deck
 View from the front yard
 Flames starting to show on top of the mountain
Way too close for comfort 
 Pictures from friends - we left and spent the night with my aunt and uncle
Sleep didn't come until around 3:30am once the evacuation was lifted from my son's school

On Sunday I am going to try to put together my thoughts on what to grab during an evacuation such as this.  We had plenty of time to look around and decide what to take.  The three people whose houses burned to the ground lost everything. 

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  1. This weekend I'm working on updating the girls' 72-hour-kits and putting together one for us.