Natty Sue Parties With You (Me)

A few days ago I was faced with making something - cupcakes, cookies, whatever - for my son's birthday party. It had been a long week and I was tired and really didn't want to make one more thing that would end up looking dorky. Fortunately at that exact moment, as if the Universe intervened, my friend Natalie showed up on my IM list.

I said, "I think you should make your cookies for kids' birthday parties."

After some discussion I said, "I'm totally volunteering to be your first customer."

Natalie had already made the invitations for the party (I will have her do my Christmas cards as well), she knew what the theme was - Under the Sea. All I did was send her a picture and say, "Can you do something with this?" I loved the result, Josh loved the result, and it was simple to print it off at Costco. She said she would do it, and on Friday brought over these beauties! I couldn't have asked for anything cuter. And then I thought - Nat should really make this into a local business of some sort. Parties made easy! The Invites, the Cookies, the Decorations, etc. And all customized for what your theme is. Take the pressure off of you so that you can just enjoy your kids' party. This was the reaction from some friends who have tasted these sugar cookies, which are the best I have ever had in my life.

Kristen - "I WANT ONE!" and " So cute, what does that woman NOT do!? Does she really do cookies-by-order for parties?"

Desiree - "I CRAVE Natale's cookies. There is nothing that woman can't do. She should start a little party planning business that does refreshments, entertainment ideas and invites..."

Julie (who moved to Alaska and can no longer have Nat's cookies) - "I miss those library cookies!!"

Michelle - "I'm with Heidi & everyone else...your cookies are da bomb!"

Camber - "Thanks again for making me realize for the 100th time how much I miss my old "hood". Natalie, I know you have a wonder woman get-up hiding in your closet somewhere."

Holly - "It's true, it's true! I believe!"

Kelli - "Oh, I know!!! Best sugar cookies ever!!!"

Kari - "Ooooh those look good....I want one!!! The library just isn't the same without those cookies!! :)"

So you see - it's an easy decision. If you are local and you are having your kids' birthday and just don't want to deal with hunting down invites and treats - talk to Natalie.

She also can do cookies for things like....Halloween parties, Christmas parties, Valentine's parties, St. Patrick's Day parties (which we all have), etc. etc.
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  1. I love that you did this. Stephanie Creager and I were making fake sugar cookies (from a tube) on Saturday and probably had a 20 minute discussion on NATALIE'S cookies and her various other talents. SELL THEM NATALIE!!!