Salon Bliss

I am generally not the type of person that finds one hair stylist and sticks with them for years on end. I mean, how hard is it to cut bangs and trim the back of my hair into the same style it has had since 1989 (only flatter)? The answer: not hard.

A few years ago I stumbled into Salon Bliss because it is close to my house, and because it is close to my house. That's all. I met Autumn, the owner. She cut my hair and highlighted it. She had me at hello. Autumn is the type of person that remembers every trip I have taken, the fact that I did enrollment for the charter school, how old my kids are, their names, etc. etc. And really - I am also not an every 4-6 weeks type of haircut person. The last time I got my hair cut until this week was in March before a trip to New York. You do the math - it's more like every 4-6 months. But, Autumn is great like that.

The other reason I like her is that I have been to salons where everyone is really gossipy and says the word "like" way more than I am comfortable with in their discussions. The older I get, the more aware I am of how it has invaded our speech. And it has started to like, bug me. Not that I don't say it myself (see reference to 1989 above), but I know if there is one thing my mother wishes she could eliminate from my vocabulary, it is that word. I am starting to hear my kids say it.

Back to Salon Bliss - it's a beautiful place - nice and open, and Autumn's husband did the custom cabinetry. It's clean and well-organized, too. They don't pressure you to buy shampoo and product afterward. Plus, when my daughter had the great self haircutting fiasco of December 2009, I took her there instead of Cookie Cutters and since she was the only child there, they made a HUGE fuss over how cute she was. Which helped me get the sympathy I needed. At Cookie Cutters it would have been a "been there, done that" scenario. In fact, I took my daughter there on Friday and the stylist fussed over her just as much as she did last December.

If you are in the area and you aren't happy with your stylist, or you just need a chance, try out Salon Bliss. You know you want to.

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