Where Were You?

On 9/10/01 I started a new job in Arlington, Virginia. I had lived in the DC area for some time, and was looking forward to being closer to the city instead of out in the suburbs. The first day went well - I took the metro in. The second day I decided to drive to see what was easier. I'm grateful for that decision.

My friend and roommate at the time sent me an email that morning telling me that a small plane flew into the World Trade Center. I went into my boss's office and said, "Wow, I just got an email that a plane flew into the World Trade Center." We decided to go down to the Security Office because there was a tv in there. Obviously at that point we found out that it was more than a small plane. We watched the towers fall in shock. Then we saw the smoke from the Pentagon out the window.

I had left my cell phone in my office, but most of the phone systems were down anyway. My cousin finally got through to me and I had her call my parents. I found out later that my mom got a call at 6:00am Phoenix time saying, "They are bombing Washington." Imagine the fear that would rip through a mother. I was fine, of course, but no one knew what was going on. They kept us at work, though no one was working, until noon when we had more details.

I drove home on I-66 and there was no traffic at all. It was creepy. They had shut down the bridges coming out of DC as well as the metro so if you didn't have a car, you didn't get home. People were having to walk across the bridges to get out of The District. It was crazy. I got home and turned on the tv and watched CNN for the rest of the night.

A month later, when Rudy Giuliani told people that the best way to help NYC was to visit, another roommate and I headed up for the weekend. We saw a show, went to dinner, and went to Ground Zero. It was still burning. Missing person signs were still everywhere.

This morning on the radio the DJs attempted to answer the question, "Where was God on 9/11?" One thing I absolutely believe in is agency. Everyone on this earth has the ability to make choices. What they have to live with is the consequences. God has given us this freedom in hopes that we will make good choices, but still, they are our choices. The terrorists of 9/11 made a horrible choice that not only cost them their own lives, but the lives of thousands.

I believe that God was there that day with the almost 3000 people killed. I believe that it was His work that kept it from being 50,000. I believe that He took those people home with Him, and that He works to comfort those left behind still.

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