Rainy Days

I love rainy days - there is something that inspires me about them.  Maybe it is the idea that I can go out and drive and not squint against the sun.  I love the sun, but it is so...bright.  And hot.  Rain clears my head and brings out new ideas for me because I am mostly stuck inside which allows me to think.  

This morning during my Power Hour I did 20 minutes of Sara Ivanhoe's Yoga Body Makeover.  The two-disc set includes six yoga routines that are around 20 minutes each.  Perfect!  I did the Power Weight Loss program and each Saturday will work through each of the routines to see what I like the best.  She also does Power Tone with Weights, Core Power, Lower Body Power, Power Sweat, and On the Ball Yoga.  I love her teaching style and she ends in a meditation pose so it is perfect for me to just flow right into my prayers and meditation.  

My mom came over to pick up my kids to take them on an "Ama Outing" at our church.  My husband went to buy parts to change the oil in his car at Napa.  It was in my quite house that the ideas started flowing (oddly enough, the rain started at about the same time).  When my mom dropped my kids off I told her about an idea that was forming and amazingly my Oracle mom (see description of Oracle in the coming weeks in Parenting Club) caught the vision right away.  It seemed to resonate with both of us in different, but complementing ways.  I'm excited to develop the idea and put it into action in the coming months.  

Now I am getting ready to go to a birthday lunch with my friend, neighbor, and now LifeLine, Barbara.  We are going to the Olive Garden and who doesn't love warm Italian food and good company on a rainy Saturday?

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