Utah Deal Diva

I must confess - I have a love/hate relationship with coupons.  Mostly because now that I get six papers per week, it's a bit overwhelming to go through them and cut them, store them, etc.  That is why I love Utah Deal Diva.  She makes it easy for me.  I read her blog, she tells me the good deals, I copy them.  

The other great thing, because we know how much I love to name drop and pretend that I have an "in" with celebrities and are on a first name basis with them....(Kacy and Ree, for example) is that I actually KNOW the Utah Deal Diva (her name is Jessica, and she won the bottle of lemon in my giveaway last month).  So I trust her expertise on things and I know she won't lead me down a couponing path of evil (if there is one).  

The final great thing about her website, is that every Saturday she posts a blog where you can do a local linkup!  Isn't that cool?  It means that you can put in your local business and it will be advertised to the masses.  I know, I'll end this post so that you don't feel guilty about having to still read here when you are really dying to go see what she is all about.  

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