What Does That Look Like for You?

I'm going to be switching Wednesday Wellness and Tuesday Local Links this week because I want to bring you the love that is America's Taco Shop.  And I may even be able to get the owner to take a picture with me or something cool like that.  We'll see.  He's an old friend of mine dating back to Middle School.  Shouldn't that count for something?  

So today my focus is going to be Wellness.  I have been thinking about the whole idea of Wellness lately.  What does Wellness mean to you?  What does it LOOK like?  What is keeping you from being Well?  How do you acquire it?

Since I am far from "well", I am going to attempt to answer these questions for myself.  I encourage you to do it as well, and if you want to write your experience with this, let me know and I'll have you as a guest writer.

1.  What does Wellness mean to me? 

I used to think it just meant being skinny.  Right?  Who hasn't thought that?  Now I believe that it means a mind, body and spiritual connection.  It means breaking through the things in my head that allow me to sabotage myself when it comes to true health.  Do I think I don't deserve it?  And if so, why not? 

2.  What does Wellness look like?

I met some incredible people over the weekend that are the very definition of Well to me.  They were healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.  That is what wellness looks like to me.  How I envision this group of people.  

3.  What is keeping me from being well?

I am trying to figure that out, which requires a bit of psychotherapy I believe.  I need to make a mental path through my life and decide where the blocks are, and then work on removing them.  I also am learning how to love myself not for who I am, but for who I am SUPPOSED to be.  If I love myself for who I am, then I am accepting that I am not well.

4.  How do I acquire it?

I need to talk to, work with, and be around people who can coach and mentor me in this area.  For example, I met Marci from www.marci90.com over the weekend.  As I listened to her story, I realized that she would be an ideal coach for physical wellness, while helping me to get rid of the blocks.  She said no exercise or eating plan in the world makes a difference unless you can get in your head about why you AREN'T eating right and exercising.  Good point.  Another example is Heather Madder.  She is a very peaceful, spiritual and SAVVY businesswoman who believes in abundance of wealth, and working very few hours to achieve it.  Those hours she spends doing what she wants to do, loves to do, and is meant to do.  I have a feeling being in the Paid to Play Academy will help me a LOT.

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