Heller Carpets

Two years ago my sweet husband and sweet brother-in-law (he's single and awesome and eligible, however, he lives in Alaska) built an entertainment center in my basement for Christmas.  It's beautiful.  I love it.  They had to pull the carpet back and it has been folded over just waiting to be re-tacked for the past two years.  TWO YEARS.  Well, enough was enough and I threatened to call a carpet repair person and when my husband nodded in agreement, I started searching.  

My search led to Heller Carpets so I called and left a message.  Steve called me back and immediately scheduled a time to come and do an estimate.  He let me know that he would give me an estimate on the spot and that if I agreed, he would go ahead and do the work.  We scheduled for 12:30pm and he arrived at....12:30pm.  I commended him on being prompt (who is prompt these days?!) and took him downstairs.  For 22 feet of carpet repair as well as double strips he charged $125.00 and my budget for it was $150.00 so I was happy.  He finished the job and was out in less than an hour and was completely professional.  He also left me a bottle of carpet spot remover and a coupon for free carpet cleaning.

I would absolutely use them again and would recommend them to anyone that needs carpet repair. 

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  1. Not bad!! The coupon for free carpet cleaning will almost pay for the repair costs! And showing up on time? Who does THAT? (um, almost no one anymore!)