I Totally Forgot

This has been one of THOSE weeks.  Where I have had so much to do that I am surprised I got anything done.  And I am just sitting down tonight realizing that I didn't blog this morning.  How totally uninspiring of me!  What to do?

I know - I will remind you that you need to set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed.  My husband has set half of our clocks back.  I have no real idea of what time it is.  Good thing they do this on a Sunday and not on a Monday or I would be toast.

Speaking of toast, he made some really good pizza dough tonight.  It was really thin crust ala New York City and quite fluffy on the edges.  I like me some fluffy on the edges pizza.  We ate one whole pizza as a family and then took some to our friends so that they could have dinner on us my husband could show off.  Just kidding - they had a long and stressful day and my husband is like that - service first.  Unless he is playing Solitaire on his phone.

I spent the day running around and then went to a baptism for my next door neighbor's oldest son.  Except right after one of the talks we snuck out because my son kept complaining his stomach really hurt.  He has been complaining about it for four days and enough was enough.  I really didn't want him throwing up in the chapel at a baptism and I am sure that my friend, Kristen, wouldn't have wanted that, either!  I took him to Instacare where he used the bathroom and said he felt better.  The doctor examined him anyway and took an x-ray of his stomach to find that he is literally full of gas and other fun stuff and is severely constipated.  One of the worst cases she has seen.  It must be the cheese he eats.  So she said to give him miralax and it will work itself out in 9-12 months.  No, really.  I am not kidding when she said he would be backed up for a YEAR.  So, if he is acting uptight I will know what to blame.  

Fortunately, my handy essential oils book told me to mix rosemary oil with fractionated coconut oil and rub on his tummy and feet.  That will be our new night time routine (once I can order some rosemary) in addition to lavender and now breathe since the weather has turned colder.  I've gotta keep the kiddos' lungs open and happy.

And now - I think I will go get an extra hour of sleep and hope that putting the kids to bed at 7pm isn't going to be a regret in the morning.

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