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Did you know that I own a company?  

No, seriously.  I know that seems impossible, especially to my parents.  And really, I am part owner as I have two partners who have been in the industry as long as I have.  Collectively we rock the world with our experience, and once we figured that out, we realized that it was time for us in our careers to go out and see what we could be.  

You see, back in the late 1990s when I was living in Virginia, I had some incredible mentors - Stephanie and Rain - who helped me figure out that I could do really well as a Technical Recruiter.  To clarify, what I do is not Head Hunting.  And really - that term is somewhat offensive to me.  I realize the principles are similar, but it's like saying that Human Resources and Recruiting are the same thing.  Or C#.NET and Java Developers are the same thing.  What I do is about building relationships with candidates and clients to determine if they are a fit for each other - both technical skills and personality.  That takes the ability to read people quickly and accurately.  Does it always work?  No.  However, over the past 12-13 years I have developed those skills, and I can read a resume in about 10 seconds flat.  

The huge gap in recruiting in my eyes has been on the candidate side.  That seems strange, however, many people out looking for a job don't know how to look for a job.  They throw their resumes up online and start applying for jobs that hundreds of other people are applying to as well.  They don't create a personal brand for themselves in the marketplace, don't identify what they really want to do, and the words "I just want a job and will do anything" don't inspire.  Now, having been on that end of the battle, I know how debilitating, frustrating, depressing, and scary it is to be looking for work.  I also know it because I talk to people every day in this situation.  And that is why we are different.  Not only are we building an amazing system for hiring people, but we are also building a candidate coaching and mentoring system so that we can help job seekers with the basics to building their resume, online resume databases, social media, and interviewing.  And, we are doing this for free, because we feel that it is important that our candidates have someone to turn.  We also realize that by doing this, we are building our candidate database with people who are confident and will interview well.  It's a win-win.

I will be revealing more details later as we continue to build our company, but in the meantime, if you know people who are looking for work, or are even unhappy and looking for advice on how to find a new job, check out the following links.  Maybe we can help!

Phase 3 Recruiting, LLC

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