Thanksgiving Weekend

I am going to take a blogging break for the weekend because I have a ton of things to get done and I don't want to be at my computer.  I am writing this on Monday for my Friday post.  You would think I could just do a couple more, but nooooo.  I like to leave you in suspense.  

In suspense for what, I am not sure.

So now that you are totally curious about what I am going to be doing this weekend, I will tell you.  I am not all that great at keeping things a surprise.  Here we go:

I cleaned my office so that I could move the bookshelf from my bedroom into my office so that I would have more shelf space.  I moved the smaller foldable bookshelf into my bedroom to replace the larger bookshelf that I moved into my office.

I am moving all of the books off of the temporary shelves that we have had for four years and putting them in some sort of safe place so that we can eventually get started on doing built in bookshelves that match the entertainment center that my husband and his brother built two years ago.  By the time the books are put back, it could be two years from now.  Keepin' it real - we are slow around here.

So there are two tall bookshelves downstairs and three shorter bookshelves and two of the shorter bookshelves will be moved upstairs into the kitchen to use for the cookbooks.  One will be moved into my son's bedroom, and his foldable bookshelf that matches the one in my bedroom will be moved into my bedroom to hold the books that I have on my to read list.

In order to move the two shorter bookshelves into the kitchen, we will have to move the two entertainment center towers back to the sides of the entertainment center on our main floor that is currently being used as a china hutch (it works for me).  The taller bookshelves downstairs will be moved into the guest bedroom and I will probably put some of the books on them that I will move out of the downstairs living room. 

I also need to finish painting a lot of stuff and rehang a lot of stuff that I took down 18 months ago in order to start on our painting project.  

I need to do this before our neighborhood cookie exchange that I am hostessing.  

One of the reasons we need to get around to the built in bookshelves is that my dad retired and gave us a boatload of books like encyclopedias "in case the kids need to look something up".  

Apparently he hasn't really grasped the beauty of the internet.  I love you, Dad.

All this...PLUS...a decorating party at my aunt's house and Harry Potter 7 with my sisters since my baby sister is coming down from Idaho for the weekend.

Oh yes, and Thanksgiving. 

You can see why I will be busy.  See you Monday.

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