Become Allergic to Everything Negative

It's no secret that I have been surrounded the past few months by very positive people.  Not that they aren't people with trials and struggles and heartbreak!  They are just generally happy people who are excited by what life has to offer.  It it addictive to be around people like this.  It is inspiring and motivating and every day I am pretty excited to wake up, even if it is 5:00am and my bed is cozy. 

One of my business coaches often says, "I am not your guru."  He simply points out that he is at point D, while some people are at points A, B, and C.  He isn't better, he is just further along in the journey and knows more, because of the experiences that he has had.  He is only accountable for his own choices, not mine. 

So I will say this as well.  I am not your guru.  However, my guess is that for some of you who are reading, I am older and have just been through more.  It doesn't make me a guru, it makes me older.  

As I have become an older person, I have realized the value of becoming allergic to everything negative.  I know the people even older than me that read this blog are laughing at me for saying I am old.  My point is, what good ever comes from complaining?  Nothing.  Do I do it sometimes?  Yes.  I still recognize that nothing good every comes of it.  I don't feel "better" when I complain.  Venting doesn't get things off my chest - it just spreads my negativity.  It just means one more person has experienced me being negative.  How does that help that person?  Not at all.

So for 2011 I am going to become allergic to everything negative.  I say become, because I am not there and not even really close to being there.  As I said to my non-guru yesterday, "I feel I can learn a lot from you, and if I disagree with something, I am strong enough to say, "Doesn't work for me."  If I feel something does work for me, I'll implement it.  It's about that simple for me."

If you agree with what I write, implement it.  If it doesn't work for you, don't.  And that's all I have to say about that.


  1. Agreed! That is what I love about getting older. I try to seek out the best things and apply what I can and sometimes discard along the way if it doesn't work for me.

    I too am realizing the value of surrounding myself with positive people. It makes me think bigger and gives me strength to be postive when I get surrounded by "small heads" and when I start acting like a small head. You are inspiring me to write another blogpost. (-:

  2. I have to disagree a little. Sometimes venting isn't meant to spread negativity. Sometimes it's just needing to hear another person say "I hear what you are saying and I understand you."

    This is my disclaimer so that I can still vent to you now and then. ;)