Keeping the Spark Alive

Back in the Spring of 2002, I finally walked away from a year and a half roller coaster relationship.  It was far more OFF than ON, and I realized that the majority of my adult dating relationships consisted of a lot of games and assumptions instead of actually just getting to know a person.  Now, I knew the person I had been dating fairly well, since we had been friends for a couple of years.  However, knowing someone as a casual friend and knowing someone when your heart is on the line is very different.

Then I met the man who is now my husband.  Determined to do things differently, I searched online for advice.  Through a series of random links I stumbled upon this book.  It is only in eBook format, but basically what I did was taking a few questions each day and just asked my husband the questions.  It was astonishing what actually ASKING the right questions did for our relationship.  Not only did I get to see him in a different light, but his answers made all of the difference in how we communicated with each other.  

Now, 8 years later, I feel like we know each other pretty well.  I sometimes pull out questions just for old times sake, but honestly, wouldn't it be fun to see if the answers change over time?  I would highly recommend it for ANYONE who is looking for a way to enhance their dating or marriage relationship.  I would even recommend it for someone who is single, as a way to see what your answer would be to some of the questions ahead of time.  So watch my video and then click on the link and see if it helps ignite the spark.  And have a Happy New Year!

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