I first met Andrya sometime my Freshman year of high school. Now, had we gone to high school in Utah, this would seem normal. Half my neighborhood seems to have gone to high school together. However, when I met Andrya she was not only not a member of the same church as me, but we went to high school in Arizona.

I had absolutely nothing to do with her becoming a member of the same church as me. I just need to clarify that. I probably should have, though! Sorry about that, Andrya.

When I moved to Utah almost 7 years ago, we got back in touch. We had seen each other and talked for a long time at our 10th high school reunion, but hadn't lived in the same state since our senior year. Even now, though we live about 20 minutes away, we don't see each other. However, we stay pretty much caught up with each other through blogging and Facebook.

Andrya has 8 children and has been interested in the blessings and dynamics of childbirth for a loooong time. She first talked to me about Transfigure (though it wasn't called that) over a year ago so I know that she has put a great deal of thought, time, and attention into this new adventure! I am extremely proud of her for taking this step and I hope that her business is successful.

If you are pregnant or thinking about it, check out her website and talk to her about her doula services. I went straight to her when my friend Sara needed my help through labor and delivery. She is brilliant and with 8 kids she has seen and experienced just about everything.

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