Video - Day Eight - 50 States of Friends and Family

This is going to be a cool post.  I think.  I am going to attempt to name friends and family who live in all 50 states, or friends and family FROM all 50 states.  If you are in Arizona, Virginia, or Utah, you probably won't get named since that would be overwhelming.  Then watch the video.

Alabama - Cheryl, Bama Mama (Christina)
Alaska - Kelly, Higbees
Arizona - Too many friends and family to count.  But, I have to name my bestie - Loree
Arkansas - Travis
California - Olguins, Rasmussens, Tara, Tiffany, Ebu, Rob
Colorado - Ginny, Ames
Connecticut - Elizabeth
Delaware -I do not know anyone that currently lives in Delaware, but, I have been there.
Florida - Julie, Janet
Georgia - Heckers, Wagners, Gonzalezes
Hawaii - Heather, Gancinias, Haslams
Idaho - Pauls, Stulls, Hatches
Illinois - Michelle
Indiana - Lisa
Iowa - Liz
Kansas - Angela
Kentucky - Alisha, Monica, and my sister was born there
Louisiana - Harveys
Maine - Mike Stinson
Maryland - Orellanas, Gioia, my sweet friends The Gebauers
Massachusettes - Joneses, Deanna
Michigan - Cici
Minnesota - Kamlas (but they don't live there anymore)
Mississippi - Laura and Cori
Missouri - Dale and Sally, Lou
Montana - I don't know anyone that lives there now, however, my husband lived there through high school
Nebraska - I don't know anyone that lives in Nebraska that I am aware of.  
Nevada - Natalie
New Hampshire - I don't know anyone that currently lives in New Hampshire, but I have been there.
New Jersey - Sara, Kimmy
New Mexico - I have known people who have lived in New Mexico and have served missions there.
New York - Kristina, Anna, Mark
North Carolina - Foxes, Rawls
North Dakota - Brothersons
Ohio - Saunders, Manwarings, Rhoduses
Oklahoma - Casey and Ree (yes, I am claiming Ree Drummond because I have emailed back and forth with her and met her in person so we are now lifelong friends)
Oregon - Chris, Cathy
Pennsylvania - Dede (just moved there)
Rhode Island - Tanya
South Carolina - Alena
South Dakota - I don't know anyone that currently lives in South Dakota.
Tennessee - Melissa 
Texas - Caren
Utah - Too many to count!
Vermont - I don't know anyone that currently lives in Vermont, but I have been there.
Virginia - Too many to count!
Washington - Birds, Taylors, Christensens
West Virginia - I was born in West Virginia!  And The Beckers live there, too.
Wisconsin - Ben, Adrianne
Wyoming - Paul, and at church last week I met a girl named Ashley who grew up in Wyoming.

And to all of my friends across the US and the World...I give you this ridiculous video rendition of The Hallelujah Chorus sung (screeched) by my extended family while skyping with cousins in Hawaii.   It should definitely get you into the Christmas Spirit....if you aren't there yet.

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