The Dilemma

No, not my dilemma, although my dilemma is that after several days I still can't figure out if I liked or hated the movie.  I guess my answer would have to be that I hated it and liked a few things.  Or liked it and hated a few things about The Dilemma.

See my problem?

I think that it should have been rated R, but these days I am a cranky old fart who thinks that everything should be rated R if it has any swearing in it.  However, this really should have been rated R.  I wouldn't want a 13 year old to see it.  

I said the same thing about Twilight, but that was for different reasons.  Twilight makes teenagers dumb (and adult women, let's face it).  I heard a funny description using Twilight over the weekend.  Thick book, thin content.  Versus something like Tuesdays with Morrie which would be a thin book that is thick with content.  

Oh yeah, Vince Vaughn was cute in a Vince Vaughn way.  Winona Ryder's big comeback was, on the whole, quite scary.  I think she should go back into retirement if she is going to choose to play angry, scary characters.  Jennifer Connelly was adorable and Kevin James wasn't as funny as he usually is, but he had some fun moments.  

It was too long.  

Wow, usually I am not quite so cranky about movies.  I really AM a cranky old fart. 

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  1. I am in agreement with you on this one...I was in my own 'dilemma' over the entire movie. I went because I am a huge Kevin James fan (oh, and a Monarch Meadows GNO fan too). I was disappointed in Kevin James and the lack of his hilarious humor and I thought Winona had on way too much make-up that made her look weird. What a shame that Tatum Channing was a FREAK because he is very nice to look at (normally). I am not recommending this movie to anyone who asks me about it...I just tell them it was not my favorite and maybe wait for Redbox. However, always a fun night out with friends.