I know, I know. What? Insanity? But, this is supposed to be about my SANITY, not my insanity. And this actually isn't about MY insanity, this is about Shaun T.'s Insanity.

Recently I started using Chalene Johnson's TurboFire.  I have been an advocate for High Intensity Interval Training for a couple of years now, and TurboFire incorporates four different HIIT workouts that get progressively longer.  And, they are really hard, but boy do I feel....thermal...afterward.  Like I am burning fat right and left.  Plus, I'm sucking wind which expands my lungs and everything I have read lately about health is that healthy lungs are a bigger predictor of life expectancy than a healthy heart.  I take this with a grain of salt, only because I remember the fat-free days and the the carb-free days and now we are supposed to have healthy fats and healthy carbs and who can keep up?  When I was in high school it was all about oat bran.  Now I just have Shakeology for breakfast and call it good.

Anyway, back to Insanity.  It's really supposed to be the toughest workout around other than if you join the Marines and go through bootcamp.  A friend of mine from high school did that and when she returned from bootcamp she was a rockstar.  I doubt the Marines would accept me at the ripe old age of almost 39, so that's out.  

My original point in writing this post was to tell you about my experience with Insanity, because my plan was to go to a class last night to see what I thought about it.  Then I came down with a bug and so instead I will just refer you to the infomercial online.  Then go back and order it...if you dare.

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  1. Do you own the Insanity DVDs? I'm curious to try them, now that I've done P90X. I need some more ideas for my classes!