Vote for Rob and Jessica for the Ultimate Utah Wedding!

My husband's cute little brother, Rob, and his fiancee, Jessica, met a little over a year ago at the University of Utah.  We were pretty thrilled when he first brought her home to meet the family, because A) We liked her immediately and B) Look how adorable she is!  It means I will have super cute nieces and nephews!  And C) There are four brothers in this family and I'm the only daughter-in-law and have been for almost 9 years.  My poor mother-in-law and I have had to put up with all of the testosterone by ourselves and it is going to be nice to share it with Jessica. 

Rob is a crazy psycho ridiculous fan of the University of Utah.  I'm not kidding.  He pretty much only wears Utah Gear.  Everything is black and red and has a U on it.  As a graduate of their rival, BYU, this has been a huge stress to me.  Not really, but, still.  Enough with the red and black already!  Throw some blue in your wardrobe!  Nope, not a chance.  I am pretty sure if a blue item of clothing were to cross his path it would be burned.  Rob has gone to every Utah football game since he started as a lowly Freshman.  He graduated last year.  This year as an alumni he went to every home game AND five away games.  Fortunately, Jessica not only indulges this obsession, but she goes along with him! 

After a year of dating they decided to get married, and applied to win the Ultimate Utah Wedding.  In a nutshell, if they win, they receive an all-expenses paid wedding that is UTAH THEMED.  U shaped cufflinks!  I might gag and wear blue and white, but, what a cool thing for them since they have both spent their college careers cheering on the Utes. Check out the video they made for it!


I know - ridiculously cute.  So please go vote for them.  You can vote three places and all three votes will count!  And please spread the word!  Voting goes for FIVE WEEKS and today is day one!



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