The Changes I've Made

Remember how I want to lose 40 lbs by the time I turn 40?  Were you wondering how that was going?  Yeah - not so well.  Traveling always sets me back and last weekend we traveled and ate nothing but Mexican food.  Yup - that will set a person back for sure.  However, props for not eating any circus food, right?

I've been eating way too much red meat lately.  We stumbled upon some pre-marinated carne asada from Costco and are addicted.  Our house guest made chile con carne that was to die for.  Carne is a theme in our house.  We need to change that up a bit.  I read an article called 6 Simple Diet Game-Changers that I am working on implementing.

1.  Add healthy fats....I already to this.  I'm an avocado, olive oil, nuts and seeds girl.  I add them all to my smoothies.

2.  Drink more water....I pretty much only drink water these days.  Not much else to drink because I don't love juice and soda is out except for my once in a while root beer.  I was addicted to diet coke.  No one gets addicted to root beer.

3.  Alternative whole grains....since I have been avoiding gluten I haven't been doing much in the grain department other than corn.  Then my husband challenged me to go off corn for a few weeks.  Corn is in EVERYTHING.  I do love quinoa and try to make that a regular staple.

4.  Eat breakfast....I've always been a breakfast eater.  Recently I have switched to scrambled eggs with bell peppers and fresh basil for breakfast because that is my favorite thing to have during the summer.  I also have a strawberry-lime concoction that I have come up with (water, frozen strawberries, lime oil, wild-orange oil, chia seeds, and stevia with peppermint).  I have switched to Shakeology for lunch because it is quick and easy which is often what I need lunch to be.

5.  Skip the sandwich....since I'm gluten free this isn't really an issue for me.  I've just switched to salads.

6.  Put your protein into rotation...they want the goal to be red meat only twice a month or so and meat as more of a side dish for vegetables and grains.  Gotta work on that.

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