One of Those Chart Thingies

I always get ambitious and make up charts where my kids can get points and all of that for whatever.  And I never stick to it.  BUT...

I think I may have come up with one that I can stick to this summer.  Because I am motivated.  A month or so ago I got some summer workbooks for the kids to do that involve both math and reading.  They aren't hard, and actually they are somewhat ridiculously easy for both of them, but they at least help them use part of their brain that isn't used for playing the Wii or jumping on the trampoline.  I am having them do four worksheets per day front and back because I am a mean schoolmarm tyrant.  We are also doing 10 Spanish words per day and they will have Friday quizzes where they have to WRITE THE WORD OUT.  Seriously - am I ruthless or what?  Just call me a Chinese mother for crying out loud!  And then....they have to participate in scripture reading by sitting on the couch and listening.  

For each section they can earn one point, so three points per day.  When they get to 15 points, they get a "Mommy Date".  We are coming up with a list of "Mommy Dates" so that they know what they are working toward.  My son also can earn $1 for every chapter book such as A to Z Mysteries or Magic Treehouse this summer to be spent on the Mommy Dates.

My son is almost 8 and is extremely motivated.  My daughter is 5 and cried on the couch during Spanish time and said she was too tired to do Spanish.  I can be patient - this wouldn't have worked with my son at the age of 5, either.  

I'm tracking it all on a google spreadsheet.  I'm cool like that.

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