Green Smoothie of the Week - Purple Passion

Let's face it - we all know blueberries are powerful.  And the best part is that you don't have to climb the Himalayas in order to find them.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store that is local and hit the miniscule Organic section (I really need to start a campaign to make it bigger) for greens.  I got some spinach, spring mix, and swiss chard.  I also bought regular kale and collard greens to throw in the mix.  And beets to use the beet greens...and the beets.  Oh, and celery.  Because the real reason it is called a Green Smoothie isn't because it IS green.  It is because it HAS greens.

Then I mixed and matched and created gallon ziploc bags of greens to use as the base of my green smoothies.  I left some greens out to add in as needed.  

Purple Passion
3 cups of filtered water (don't go crazy - just use your fridge filtered water if you have one)
A whole lot of greens - really as much as you can stand.  If you are a newbie, just use spinach, but try to add more greens as you get used to them. The recommendation is at least 1 lb a day of greens, but this can be in salads as well.
Blueberries - about 3/4 of a cup.  If you can, make them organic.  If you can't, you'll survive.  (Just get organic next time)
A banana
1/4 of a beet if you have one lying around
A packet or two of stevia (this should decrease over time as you get used to the green flavor)

If you have some chia seeds or wheatgrass powder on hand, go ahead and throw that in.  If you are normal and don't have it, start your blending.  I bought a Vitamix a couple of years ago and use it daily.  They are expensive, but you couldn't convince me to go back and NOT buy it.  I got mine at Costco at one of those demo-thingies.  You can also use a Blend-Tec or a Ninja or whatever.  I don't care what you use as long as you get the darn thing good and blended.

I recommend splitting it up into three servings and drinking them three times a day before breakfast to start.  Then try to eat your normal breakfast.  Since I always drink shakeology for breakfast, I usually have my green smoothie first thing, and then have shakeology a couple of hours later.  

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