About every 3-4 weeks I have a massage with a therapist who specializes in Lymphatic massage.  It's two hours and expensive, but worth it.  Not just for the massage, but also for the conversation.  Last night we were discussing my favorite topic: food.  I have been keeping her updated on my various changes in diet over the past 18 months.  I talked with her about how I have noticed that I am more grateful for food and where it comes from now.  I am more aware of the blessing that it is that I don't have to grow my own food if I don't want to.  These are things I just always took for granted.

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, which, like most Holidays, means different things to different people.  Most people celebrate with an abundance of food.  Some people spend the day volunteering at soup kitchens to provide food for those who don't have it.  Some people travel, double dip at different houses, or play host to families.  We don't have a set way to celebrate it.  For a few years we went to Arizona.  Then the kids got into school and didn't have the same amount of time off.  Two years ago we hosted friends.  Last year we double dipped.  This year we plan on spending it with friends and family, with no intention of driving anywhere.

Yes, there will be a turkey.  No, I will not be cooking it.  Yes, I might try a bite or two.  I've never been a huge fan of turkey, though - I prefer all of the yummy side dishes.  In fact, I have been spending a couple of weeks deciding what I would like to make for those yummy sides.  

But most important to me is that I take a few minutes to be grateful for all of the resources in this world that will have contributed to just this one meal.  And since I believe all of those resources come from our Heavenly Father, I will take some time to recognize just how blessed I am.

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