Scott Williams - Hammer Hands

When we were at Disneyland a few weeks ago, I saw Scott Williams playing the Dulcimer.  I am always drawn in by music artists that play unusual instruments in cool ways.  Not only was Scott awesome, but very personable. I bought a couple of his cds for Christmas presents.  Support local artists!  Okay, he isn't local to Utah, but whatever.  The dude plays at Disneyland on a regular basis - that means he's cool, right?

I also bought his Christmas cd for myself (yes, I have started playing it) and it is quite lovely.  I look forward to listening it over the next few months and let's face it - aren't we all sick of pop artists butchering the Christmas classics?  Why, yes.  Well, I am.  And remember The Kiss from "Last of the Mohicans"?  Neither do I because I don't see rated R movies, but, he plays it and it is beautiful.  You can hear more of his music on Facebook and even download individual songs. 

What I heard him playing that drew me in was "The Road to Lisdoonvarna".  I just wanted to dance a highland jig.  Is there such a thing as a highland jig?  Apparently, there is, and that is what I wanted to do.  I have to admit, I have been out of the music scene for the past several years.  I have heard of Lady Gaga, but I couldn't pick her out of a crowd other than she seems to look like every other over the top attention seeking pop artist out there.  I usually listen to K-Love or Air One because I can trust the lyrics and I admit I like the music.  My tastes have changed and I don't own an ipod much to my brother-in-law's dismay.  My favorite groups are still U2 and Creed and Peter Gabriel and have been since about forever.

So you have reason to not trust me when it comes to music, but listen to Scott, anyway.  Let me know if it makes you want to do a Highland Jig.

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  1. Maybe you need to google "Lady Gaga meat dress" to refresh your memory. It seems quite timely, given the circumstances.