A Year Away

Ask me in 8-10 months about who I would like to see as President and I will probably have an opinion.  Until then, I will simply state what is important to me at this time.

1.  The creation of jobs (obviously, I am an owner in a recruiting company)
2.  Reduction of the deficit/Fiscal spending
3.  Healthcare costs/Welfare Programs
4.  Education 
5.  Social Security/Medicare (they are bankrupt and the Baby Boomers are about to take over the country.  At least in terms of sheer numbers.  And thanks to the stock market, many of them do not have the retirement that they need to survive.)
6.  Military spending and the War on Terror
7.  Foreign Policy

Things that aren't going to play a factor in my vote in November 2012:

1.  Immigration (it's always a hot topic that doesn't seem to ever be a priority once a President is in office)
2.  Environment (while I am definitely an advocate of a cleaner world, I do not believe it is within the power of the President to make the difference, and again - doesn't seem to be a priority)
3.  Abortion 
4.  Anything having to do with the rights of special interest groups.  I see that as an individual voter issue and not something the President should be involved in at any level.  Just my opinion.
5.  Death Penalty
6.  Stem Cell Research

Having said this - I don't regularly read the news or watch the news unless there is a major event.  About a month or so before the election I will take some time to read what each candidate has said about the issues that are important to me and make my decision based on that.  I'm pretty much a moderate - split down the middle, however, I am not happy with the current state of our country and have been largely unimpressed with our current President's decisions when it comes to spending.  

And though it will make my Democrat high school Government teacher grandmother roll over in her grave, I am not above voting Independent if I feel that there is another candidate that represents my views.  That's all I have to say about that.

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