A 90 Day Challenge

Holy Guacamole.  Today marks 90 days until I turn 40.  Do I still have time to lose 40 lbs?  Probably not.  So what do I have time to do?

Well, there is the whole Christmas thing going on right now.  And I am about 75% wrapped with my last minute to-do lists written out.  So that means that maybe this year I can just totally focus our family activities on CHRISTmas and not MASs hysteria while shopping.  Then there is the New Year's Even thing, which my husband never stays up for and is usually snoring by 9pm at the latest.  I probably will convince my bestie to play games or something.  Or watch movies while our husbands snore.  

Then we have January and February, my friend Desiree's most favorite months of the year.  I am pretty sure that if she reads this while drinking something, it will be sprayed all over her computer.  I hope you aren't drinking anything, Des.  (By the way, I am totally available to help you this week/weekend.)  The great thing about January and February is that there is nothing to do BUT workout and no parties to go to and nothing to really celebrate with food other than Valentine's Day.  And two weeks after that I will turn 40 anyway.  So maybe during those two months I can lose 40 lbs.  Do you think it is possible to lose 40 lbs in two months without hcg or eating nothing but lettuce?  Nah.  Besides, I am totally digging cilantro lime basmati rice and cuban beans lately.  

So I guess the whole weight loss thing is out and since I'm still veggie I figure over the next year it will kind of work itself out, anyway.  

Are there any new TV shows starting that will be worth watching?  Any new movies coming out?  No?

I guess that leaves me with my 594 pinned projects to work on.  I will probably start with these canned food dispensers so that I can free up some of my storage room space.  And as my friend Heidi said on her blog the other day...I've actually been quite productive in doing what I see on Pinterest and that makes me feel good about myself.

As a final note - my Grandfather, had he lived until now, would be 91 years old today.  I miss him.  Happy Birthday, Grandpa.  Stop by and visit sometime. :)

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