This is it.  Two more days until 2012.  I am PUMPED!  And not just because my Les Mills Pump program is on the delivery truck RIGHT NOW and I should get it today.  On the schedule today for TurboFire is Fire45 and Stretch10, but I'm going to do the instructional dvd for PUMP and the 20 minute workout.  I'm part of a huge 90 day PUMP challenge on Facebook with about 300 other Beachbody Coaches so that we can try out the program and share the results together.

I also decided to go crazy and start a Health & Fitness Club for my neighborhood.  We may only have 5 people there, but, that's okay!  It's going to be about educating ourselves, setting realistic goals, getting off the "I suck" cycle, and supporting each other. I want to hear about what has worked for other people, as well as share some of the things I have learned. 


One of the things I love about the Beachbody Programs is that A) They work.  B) The Beachbody coaches are positive and motivating.  It's like hanging out with a bunch of personal trainers that are on fire about helping you.  C) It's not just a workout dvd, but an entire program that comes with an eating plan that is specific for the workout.  

Oh, and have I even mentioned how much I love Shakeology and how it has replaced any sort of need for chocolate?!  Stay tuned and if you are in the neighborhood, email me and come join me in this challenge.  Let's see what 90 days can bring all of us!

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