I can't sugar coat this.  I have been working out since I was 16 (Jane Fonda) and have done everything from 3 hour Weight Training classes to Taebo to P90X to TurboJam to TurboFire and THIS BEAT IT ALL.  Chalene Johnson is short.  I mean, seriously - I am only 5'5".  She is a tiny little thing, but never in my life have I encountered this kind of energy and I know some seriously energetic people!  Then put Monica Gray next to her and It's like Cold Fusion just erupted in the room.  My bestie and I got there early so that we could maybe have a change to meet her.  Not only did we meet her, but we met Monica (Chalene's BFF) and another woman who is on the TurboFire dvds.  Seriously?  We worked out with THREE people from the TurboFire cast including the creator and her best friend?  This reminds me of my close personal friendship with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.  Oh - another story for another day.  
Bestie and Chalene
Bestie, Chalene and Me - yeah, we are getting to work.  We have never been more motivated to get in shape!  In fact, if tonight's workout was the level of intensity that we are SUPPOSED to have, we will be kicking it up a huge notch in the coming weeks.
Chalene's new PUSH book - yup, signed by Chalene and Monica!  They were both so nice.  Honestly - I love the Beachbody program because everyone is really motivated by helping each other. 
Chalene and me - my smile is because I HAVEN'T started working out.
Monica and me - these ladies were snowboarding all day and still showed up and worked out!

I will be reading this from cover to cover - now that I know the energy this woman has.  Seriously - I have never met anyone who is so motivated to help people and has such a zest for life. 

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