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I discovered today that I can't look at Desiree's Beautiful Food board on Pinterest or it sends me into a tailspin of needing chocolate.  That being said, there are a few things on there that I want to try out and now I have to have a party so that I can try it out.  If you want to be invited, leave a comment below.

 I must go to Pier One or Crate and Barrel or Walmart (I'm sorry I lumped those three stores into the same category) to buy small thingies like this so I can make these.  I will probably use my tofutti sour cream or skip it altogether and use two salsas.
 Are you serious?  How cute and festive are these?  I now want some fruit right this minute.
 This just makes me want more fruit because it's a whole bowl of fruit and it looks fruity.
 Bliss - I could eat Mexican food three times a day and sometimes I do.  And now I might need new glasses.  I might make cilantro lime rice like Chipotle...
 Now, this is just pretty.
 Nom Nom Nom
 I finally have ideas for that zucchini that I am incapable of growing, but make a diligent effort to year after year!  Oh wait - I guess I will have to go raid my neighbors' gardens for zucchini instead.  I'm actually thinking a good pesto sauce would be fantabulous on these with the tomatoes and fresh basil.

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  1. Seeing my name on your blog soothes my soul. Is that not the vainest statement ever? I will come to your beautiful food party. Just plan it for the spring time when I am healthy...

    p.s. I was just thinking about this the other day-whatever happened with Rob and Jessica's wedding? You need to post some pictures please.