Desiree Was Right

After my initial hours wasted on Pinterest, I can honestly say I haven't been there for maybe, like, a week.  What?!  What is wrong with me?  Well, ya know - resolutions and food stuff and pumping iron and all that.  It totally cut into my Pinteresting schedule.  And with my current pledge to create to do lists on my new phone daily so that I can be as OCD as possible, I totally forgot to budget time for it.  Silly me.  Of course, that means that Desiree was right when she said, "You'll get over it."

All that being said, it is time for another installment from my "Things I Wanna Do" board.

 My kids would love rolling the dice to see what chores to do.  Especially the extra chores that I like to come up with randomly and without warning.
 This will be absolutely critical on our next road trip.  We generally use a grocery bag and then it gets stuck because it is full of stuff and then we get into a huge dramatic argument.  Just kidding, we really don't.  It's just annoying.
 A parmesan cheese lid fits on a regular old mason jar, which will be awesome for my spice mixes that I am doing for the various salad dressings that I am making. 
 Apparently this is some sort of citrus mask that gets rid of zits...which I still have in abundance at the age of almost 40.  And yes, I am bitter.  When the hee haw are these things going to stop?
 Not only is this pretty, but it is cheaper to make my own and I can make it smell good with my Essential Oils and then we will all be happy. 
 When I measure my kids on the wall (which should probably start any day now) I will ask them what they want to be when they grow up.
 I have been wanting to do this in both of the kids' bedrooms (and maybe mine) For-Eh-Vah.
 My photoshop knowledge so far is sadly lacking.
 Watch out world - this means I can fake vinyl ANYTHING.

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