Lift that Barge! Tote that Bale!

Those were the days...

Remember back in your teens and 20s when you could do a few weeks of step aerobics and lose 15 lbs?  What happened to THAT, anyway?  Or before you popped out the 2.3 kids?  Universally, every single trainer from Bob Harper to Jillian Michaels to Chalene Johnson to Tony Horton to Kathy Smith to Valerie Waters to...yeah, all of them...will tell you that you cannot sustain weight loss without resistance (read: weights) training.  Can you lose weight without it?  Yes.  Will you be able to keep it off.  No.  

I recently read somewhere that strong is the new skinny.  I am totally on board with that.  If I could choose between Kate Moss and Jennifer Garner's builds I would be all over Agent Bristow.  
 She is tough.  And we are the same age.  So what if she is four inches taller?

No matter how long you run on a treadmill or even do HIIT workouts, you cannot get the lean muscle look without picking up weights.  Not possible.  In fact, 5 years ago when my cousin, Audrey, shared this truth with me, I should have listened.
Audrey would be in the one in front in pink.  She's a rockstar.  And whether or not she wants to be my inspiration, she IS my inspiration.  What she said was, "Lift heavy weights."  And I didn't and now I am going to.  That is why I am doing the PUMP Challenge.  I honestly HATE weight training, but after one workout I am hooked because it doesn't FEEL like weight training until after when I am sore.  

By the way, these 8 amazing women with me are my cousins.  I am the oldest.  I want to be like them when I grow up.

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