My First Beachbody Challenge - Starting March 1st!

Do you want to lose 25-30 lbs by June 1st?  Take the Beachbody Challenge with me!

I am looking for five women for a challenge group starting on March 1st to help me celebrate turning 40 (On March 3rd) by getting healthier!  My goal is to help 40 women over the next year lost 25-30 lbs in 3 months by using the accountability program I have developed.   You can live around the corner or across the country.  You have my 100% commitment that I will show up for you and you will learn more about health and fitness than you ever thought you could.

The requirements include: 

1.  Desire and determination to lose 25-30 lbs by June 1st.
2.  Willingness to track food and workouts and be accountable to yourself and to me. 
3.  Once a week group phone call and accountability session.
4.  Weekly one on one sessions with me to overcome challenges, and break through the mental blocks that keep you from losing weight.
5.  Must be willing and able to purchase one Beachbody Challenge Pack - price ranging from $160 to $205, which includes a workout of your choice and a 30 day supply of Shakeology to try.  Bottom of the bag guarantee!  It also includes a 30 day free trial membership to the Team Beachbody Club so you can track your workouts and find additional support in the groups and on the message board.  This is your only cost.  Working with me is free.  Your workout choices include: 

$160 - Power90, TurboJam, Brazil Butt Lift, Slim in 6 (great for people who are just starting a workout program), Hip Hop Abs

$180 - 10 Minute Trainer (Perfect for Stay at Home Moms without a lot of time to workout), Body Gospel

$205 - P90X, Insanity, TurboFire (I recommend these programs if you have already been exercising for some time and are ready to take your fitness to the next level)

The challenge will run from March 1st through Memorial Day Weekend to get you ready for SUMMER!  

The deadline to sign up is Valentine's Day!  Interested?  Message me and I will send you the link to the application! 

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  1. What about 10? I plan to lose the first 5 by myself in the next month, but I could probably use some serious help with he last 10.