Meet Loree!

I know that Loree is my bestie, but she is also technically my first Success Story.  She has been the guinea pig as we have worked together to create the Sanity Challenge "Get in Shape for Summer" program, but she has also been an inspiration, a sharer of perspiration, and my motivation! 
 March 2011
 February 2012

What a difference a year makes!  She didn't even start her journey until July 2011, but when she did, she was in.  She was all in.  Six months later she has lost 40 lbs thanks to Beachbody.  And now she is a Beachbody Coach!  She realized that there is no better way to hold herself accountable than to coach other people through their own journey in the same way.  She is halfway to her final goal, and excited to have her life back! 

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  1. Congrats Loree! You look beautiful and I can tell already you are going to be a full on hottie (lock up your husbands ladies...) when you reach your final goal! I'm proud of you!