Last Sunday was a crazy day.  A day that a year ago would have sent me into a spiral of self-sabotage through eating.  But not this year.  This year I barely thought about food.  And when I did finally eat, I still followed my normal patterns.  Now they are habits - I don't have to think about it anymore.  However, it was also my dad's birthday and there was a big chocolate cake.  I happen to love chocolate cake and thought, "Why not?"

I asked for about a half inch slice, ate it, and was done.  I didn't have to wonder about the flavor, I didn't have to feel like I was sabotaging myself, and the cake was good.

Last night at my Health and Fitness Club we talked a little bit about self-sabotage.  It is SO easy to do, especially with the pressure around us to eat.  Going to lunch with friends.  Going to book club.  Going to a church function.  They all involve food that is generally chosen because of what the food represents - a real social network.  Since starting our Health and Fitness Club we have had exactly two things that were edible.  The first was when I made green smoothies.  The second was when I whipped up my favorite Neopolitan Ice Cream Shake using chocolate Shakeology.  The rest of the time we have just met to socialize.  Can you imagine getting together with friends to hang out and talk and NOT EAT?  

That is why I decided to create my Sanity Challenge Groups in the first place.  It's a group based on nutrition (food) and exercise, but we don't eat together.  Amazing!  The very definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting different results.  So why not try something new?  Something that has been working for others?

Last week I had a coaching call with Kim Flynn.  She asked me a couple of questions that were key to helping me make a few decisions.  The first question was, "What is working for you right now?"  The second question was, "What is not working for you?"  I would add to that, "What is not working for you that you continue to do?" 

The March Challenge Group is full, and there are three spots left for the April 1st start date.  You don't have to live locally because the coaching will be done over the phone and online as much as possible so that it is on your time.  I know fitness coaches who literally charge over $6000 for a 90 day program where you have to show up every day at 6am to exercise with her.  Does it work for the people that pay for it?  Yes, absolutely.  Does everyone have $6000 to spend on a 90 day program?  No way.  

As I post pictures and stories from the March Challenge Group, consider if this is something that would work for you.  And ask the question, "What is working for me right now in my health and fitness goals?"  Then ask the question, "What is not working for me?" 

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