Speaking of Houses

Yeah, we are back to Pinterest.  I was posting some stuff on there about the Sanity Health Challenge because, here's the thing - it's useful.  I mean, I'm not any more crafty (really) than I was six months ago when I jumped on the addict bandwagon, but it is useful.  Case in point, I now have several dream houses that I am considering for someday.  

So this house is actually a floor plan that I would consider...huge?  Yes.  However, we seem to have various families move in with us so the extra room would be lovely.

 Love the Craftsman look.  As you can guess, I am a freak for the front porch.
I love me a yellow house with black shutters.  And a white house with black shutters.  Can I get the trees, too?  I don't have enough years left on this earth to wait for them to grow that huge.
The Up House - just kidding.  I mean, it IS the Up House, but I wouldn't want to live in it.  They built it close by and it was in the Parade of Homes.  It's cute, but definitely not my style.

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