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I can't post the final pictures, yet, because it is still a work in progress and I promised her that I wouldn't post until we have finished Les Mills PUMP.


Bestie is lookin' good.  She has lost 40 lbs so far.  We looked at a picture of her from last summer, the day after she moved here.  Little did she know that six months later she wouldn't recognize her life!  

One of my biggest focuses with my Challenge Groups is to teach ways to keep from getting sick.  I'm not talking about major diseases like heart disease or diabetes or cancer.  I'm talking about your common cold.  The truth is, the common cold derails more people each year than anything else.  It can last from 4-7 days, keeping kids home from school.  Most companies give one sick week per year, so if that is used up with a sick kid, then what do you do when YOU are sick?  

I have three phases in my challenge.  This week a friend said, "Just tell me what my restrictions and limitations are.  I want to know ahead of time."  She was talking about what food I was going to tell her she was not allowed to eat.  I started laughing and said, "Let's start with education, and then you can choose for yourself."

The three phases of my challenge include:


We work together to implement a program that will work best for you, with your schedule.  A mother of five or six has a much different schedule than a mother of two with both kids in school, or a father working full time and coaching soccer at night.  Maybe you want to work out with your spouse, but you only have ten minutes a day and you can't leave the house?  The beauty of my Challenges is that there are options.  You don't have to show up at a boot camp or a gym at 4am for your workout.  

This method has worked with my bestie, who is in the Evolution phase right now.  When she reaches her Endurance phase, she will let me post pictures.  I have several friends who are in the Education phase right now and are learning what it means to make changes in small stages.  I even have friends who are in the Endurance phase, but still want to make small changes so that they don't have to go through it all again.  

How can I help you?  

Here are some options for getting started:

Sign up to join the Team Beachbody Club - $2.99 weekly gives you meal plans, workout buddies, and discounts on Beachbody Workout Programs.  Or, sign up for free to try it out and when you are ready to jump in to the deep end, upgrade to the Club!  You will get me as your personal coach either way, which will give you access to my weekly tips.  Click JOIN to get started!

Buy a Challenge Pack - A Challenge Pack includes a complete Beachbody program, with meal plans that are designed to help you be successful.  It also includes a 30 day supply of either chocolate or greenberry shakeology.  Finally, it includes a free month of the Team Beachbody Club.  There are three levels of Challenge Packs to choose from - if you need help choosing, talk to me!  I have sampled most of the programs and can help you find your soulmate workout.

Become a Beachbody Coach - Nothing will hold you more accountable than joining the Beachbody Coaching team.  I sat on the sidelines for a couple of years, enjoying the programs, but I wasn't all in.  If you join by purchasing a Challenge Pack, your sign up fee is waived.  Being a Beachbody Coach gives you a strong team of support, backoffice coaching tools, and a greater level of health and fitness than you can imagine.  I put my monthly bag of Shakeology on Home Direct for a 25% discount and free shipping.  I am building my team, and building it fast!  If you want to get serious about your fitness and make changes that will last a lifetime, join me!  Click COACH to get started!  

If you are active military, you coach for free!  The monthly fee to use the backoffice coaching tools is $15, which is waived.  Let me help you start your own Challenge Group!

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