Keeping Pace

The last week of the month now is a busy month as the deadline for the upcoming Health Challenge is today.  Today!  Where has this month gone?  Today we all celebrate Cynthia's birthday.  Cynthia is one of the Accountability Coaches and is one powerful woman!  Not only is she 29 with three adorable kids, but she also texted me a picture last week and in it she was wearing her PROM DRESS.  

One of the reasons I decided to start the Health Challenge was to keep myself motivated.  I didn't see a program out there that had the kind of support I was looking for.  Even the online groups didn't make it personal, and I love the interaction and being able to share ideas.  So I decided, "If it doesn't exist, you could create it."

Now I am just busy keeping pace with what I have created!  My initial goal was to bring five women per month into the challenge, but after one month that number has tripled and I decided to change the entire structure of it.  That is also thanks to Kim Flynn's amazing coaching skills and tools.  My other initial goal was to help 40 women during my 40th year make the transition to a healthier life through nutrition, exercise, and support.  I may need to triple that number, too!  

What really makes me happy is how the women in the groups are supporting each other and giving each other ideas.  Just last night on one of our calls, Cynthia brought up something I really hadn't thought about when it comes to losing weight.  Marie jumped in and added her experience.  In a 40 minute call I was able to experience a small mental shift that gave me so much encouragement.  All it was, was a change in perspective.  That is the power of an Accountability Coach!  

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  1. Um, I want to be friends with Cynthia...
    29 and back in her PROM dress? What is this girl's Beachbody screen name so that I can look her up and let her motivate me!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CYNTHIA!