Soulmate Workout - Visionary

As a Visionary I can tell you that I am ALL OVER THE PLACE when it comes to working out.  I get workout ADHD, get sick of a workout, and have a hard time sticking to a specific program.  Not so with Les Mills PUMP.  I have stuck to it like glue for 11 weeks now and that is a record for me.  I love it so much that we are just going to head into the next 90 days doing the program all over again with heavier weights this time. 

Visionary Strengths:
Ideas come easily and effortlessly
Process information quickly
Attract supportive people who want to support them
Brings lots of joy and light to others
Did I mention a lot of ideas?
Pretty fearless

Visionary Weaknesses:
Stifle ideas for fear of looking stupid
Don't find support necessary to produce or execute 
Doubt their ideas are inspired
Become gullible, fearful, and naive
No knowledge when it comes to details
Very little follow through

I have switched back and forth between Les Mills PUMP and Turbofire for the past 11 weeks, but stuck with LMP's schedule and just inserted Turbofire where I could.  Chalene Johnson is a Visionary/Warrior personality and that appeals to me, but at the same time, Les Mills PUMP is specific, methodical, and consistent, which has brought the most results for me.  The simple truth is that I don't get bored with it.  I like the fact that there are so many different trainers, even if most of the time I am using Jericho's name as a swear word or singing songs about how much I hate her (She does the shoulders track.  It hurts. ) and her red hair.

This is an advantage because Les Mills PUMP appeals to my bestie (Oracle) and me (Visionary).  I may try Insanity this summer since it is only 60 days and I hear it is really really hard.  I even borrowed the fit test for it from my friend to see if I can do it.   I'll keep you posted on that.

Next up - Soulmate Workout - Warrior!

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