The Biggest Loser

Loree - Spring 2011
Loree - Spring 2012

 Weight Lost: 45 lbs

I just started watching The Biggest Loser during the last season, so I'm hardly an expert on the show.  I knew that starting the Sanity Health Challenge would be a personal challenge for me, as well as a challenge for those that join.  It's amazing to see the changes take place in people, especially when they internalize those changes and recognize that they absolutely have the control over their health.  I also may have cried a bit when the contestants got to meet Michelle Obama.  I love that she is so supportive of health and wellness and is using that as her platform.  I hear so much negativity with what I do that to have a supporter, even one that has no idea who I am, means a great deal. 

That being said, I LOVE doing these challenges.  

Last Saturday I got to go to dinner with three of the Accountability Coaches in the Sanity Health Challenge, as well as some other friends.  When I went to pick up Cynthia her husband said, "I want to thank you for my hot wife!"  We all got a laugh, because I didn't do the WORK.  Cynthia did!  She is the one that got into her prom dress (she is 29) after having three kids.  That wasn't me.  All I did was give her the information and the push.  She took it from there.

Marie is the same way.  She is just cruising along and has gotten out of her own way.  She didn't think she could enjoy eating healthy and had spent years not eating enough in order to lose weight.  Now she is trying new workouts, has lost 11 lbs, and is confident that she can keep going.  She has done the challenge while camping and traveling (we stopped at Walmart at midnight so that she could get her green smoothie stuff).  

And finally, Loree.  When I look at pictures of Loree from 10 months ago when she moved here my jaw still hits the floor.  The principal at her school tells her she is disappearing.  The changes she has made have absolutely inspired me, and it is because of her that I even started this journey.  She shows up every day to work out and pushes herself every day, which motivates me.  

I'm so excited to keep going and see what we can do together.  I am so grateful.  

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