Cancer Survivors and Exercise

Today the American Cancer Society came out with new guidelines for cancer survivors.  They are recommending that doctors counsel their patients to eat right, exercise, and slim down, which is not something that most doctors do, because they are more focused on the treatment - chemotherapy and surgery being the most common. 

The past five years have included hundreds of studies involving cancer survivors and many of them showed that a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, combined with exercise, was associated with lower cancer recurrence rates and longer survival.  The majority of the research was on breast, prostate, and colorectal cancer, which are more food related cancers.  

The rates of cancer have grown right along side the rates of obesity.  An estimated 25% of children now fall into the obese category and 2/3 of adults are now considered obese. 

One of they key focuses in my health challenge is to talk about how to eat to prevent disease.  I am so glad that the American Cancer Society has started being proactive and encouraging doctors to counsel their patients on nutrition.  Having recently lost my cousin to breast cancer and another friend going through chemotherapy right now to fight it, I am very passionate about helping women make this transition to a whole foods, plant-based diet in order to prevent disease if possible.

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