Every year I seem to start planning to plant in February and then Spring sneaks up on me.  When we left for Spring Break (10 days in Arizona) the bleeding hearts in my front bed were just barely sticking up.  When I looked at them after dropping off kids at school they were practically bushes.  It's weird how that happens so fast.  Then I started wandering around the yard, growling at the weeds, and realizing just how much work I am going to have to do in the near future.  I think I am going to apply the 15 minutes a day rule.  

I also have several Pinterest projects to implement so that is exciting.

For example:

Put epsom salts and sugar into each hole with your plant.  It makes them grown larger, leafier, and greener.  

Spray your weeds with diluted vinegar...not only will it kill them, but the plants and soil love it. 

I want to get some concrete blocks and arrange them in a lovely way on the deck or around the patio as planters.

But first, I really need to get out there and clean out the winter crud.  Just waiting for a warm and sunny day.

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