Weekend Indulging - How to Not Overeat!

This post is inspired by my friend, who said on her blog that she was grateful that the weekend was over because she indulges too much.  Ha!  Well, aren't we all in that boat?  I confess, I am totally guilty of weekend indulging so I did some research on the matter.

Here are a few ways to battle the bulge on the weekend!

Try not to shop on the weekends when you might pick up some additional treats.

Start your day out right.  And by that, I don't mean going to Kneader's for the All You Can Eat French Toast!  Start with fruit and steel cut oats, and that will get you going with some good nutrition. 

Don't starve yourself because you are eating out later.  It backfires.  You usually end up overeating on the one meal that is stuffed with extra fat and sugar.  Before going out, have a snack, or save your Shakeology for just before.  You won't want to overeat!  Then just enjoy good food.

Enjoy the experience of eating out.  Go on double dates with friends so that you spend more time talking and relaxing.

Eat slowly.

Start with a side salad.  Once you have finished that, THEN order the entree based on how hungry you are.  Split it if you can, because that significantly cuts the calories.

Don't skip dessert; share it!  Choose what looks the very best and split it with a friend.  Or two friends.  Enjoy it!

Try to just NOT drink alcohol.  Period.

Wear a tighter pair of pants.  Maybe your skinny jeans with a rubber band around the button...

Don't drink soda.  They just refill and refill and refill...which can actually make you eat more.

Weigh in on Monday!

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