Memorial Day Mormon Methodist

For the past four years we have spent our Memorial Day weekend in Grand Junction, Colorado with our friends.  Their son (far left) was born the same day as our son, and I met his mom in an online message board on almost 10 years ago.  After we moved from Virginia to Utah, we started getting together a few times a year to play.  

Their family is Methodist and we are Mormon.  When we go to visit them, we go to church with them.  When they come here, they go to church with us.  Over the years we have discussed our beliefs with each other.  They came for my son's baptism last Fall.  They came for the open house of the Draper LDS Temple.  We have gone to church with them here, as well.  

As we drove home from church on Sunday, I said to my kids, "What are the things that are the same?"  

"Music, Prayer, a talk on the scriptures."  

Me: "What are the things that are different?"  

"They didn't have Sacrament."

Me: "That's right, they do have it once a month, though.  They don't have it every week like we do.  What did you notice that we both believe?"

"Jesus is the Savior."

I love being able to talk about the differences and similarities.  I have found that I can find similarities with every religion that I have ever encountered. 

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